hoka one one

I have been with Hoka One One since 2016. The company not only creates amazing footwear but is sincerely supportive of their athletes. I feel honored to be on a team with so many legendary and inspiring athletes. If you haven't already you need to try running in a pair. For road running the Clifton 4 is a no brainer. On the trail my go-to is the Speed Instinct 2. #timetofly

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rabbit pro

Based in Santa Barbara, rabbit got its humble beginning from a Kickstart campaign in late 2015. From the start the rabbit team has been a family. With fearless humble leaders Monica and Jill, the brand has done more in a few years than most dream to do in their entire existence. The best thing about rabbit is it celebrates ALL runners. No matter what you look like they love you and they want you to enjoy their clothing. Check out the site and use " RABBITDANI" for a 15%  off discount. The Mountain Climbers are hands down the best shorts in the world for the trails. On the other hand if you are looking for the last arm warmers you will ever buy look no further than the s'mitten arm sleeves ! #rabbitpro 



Well known to elite athletes in the Santa Barbara area, The Lab has everything you need from Normatec Pants to Cryotherapy. I am a big fan of using both the pants and Cryotherapy machine as a combination. However, elite athletes aren't the only one who can benefit from these services. If you exercise and are looking to recover more efficiently you need to check out this Santa Barbara gem. The Lab also offers training programs, massage, and yoga classes. 

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A sunscreen that is organic and sustainably created with the environment in mind? Um, YES PLEASE! I can attest to the fact that me and many of my friends are addicted to this stuff, and rightfully so! It isn’t phased by water or sweat, which for me not getting sunscreen in my eyes is amazing. Not only that it smells amazing and comes in multiple tints. Use “DANILOVESAVASOL” for a discount when shopping online. My favorite is the environmental defense cream - pump in tan.

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I have always been a fan of natural and homemade remedies, so much so that I have been either making or buying my own deodorant for some time now, only use natural toothpaste, use essentials oils religiously, and try my very best to not take unnatural medicine whenever I am sick. I truly believe that the ingredients of what you put onto your body are as important as what you put into it. With that being said when I learned about Runners High Herbals I became an immediate fan! Honestly everything they make I love, but if I had to tell you to get one thing it would no doubt be the SUPER HERB MUSCLE RUB. Use “DANIM10” for 10% off your order!

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Mushrooms, organic creamers, coconut water and more, Laird Superfood has it all and I am obsessed with their products! Coming from the legend himself, all of the products have nutrition and productivity at the forefront! I am a huge fan of their HYDRATE products and use them regularly throughout the day to help maintain good health. Not only that, but their other products are great additions to coffee, oatmeal, baking, etc! I personally use the Performance Mushrooms in my smoothies daily. Use “DANILOVESLSF” for free shipping on your first purchase!

I am a big advocate of Kombucha and its benefits. And let’s be honest with the popularity growing some brews are starting to taste a little too sugary, at least in my opinion. Que Whalebird Kombucha! Created by avid spearfishermen (I also love diving and spearfishing) from San Luis Obispo (just a short drive from Santa Barbara) with a mission to “make the best Kombucha the world has ever seen” these brews are unlike any I have ever tasted. What’s even better is they sells growlers and taps, so if you company is in need of something new contact them and they will get you covered.


This year I have partnered with Unived as my primary training nutrition sponsor. I get everything I need to train hard and consistently with Unived Products. My favorite products are Daily Supergreens, RRUNN Post – Complete System Recovery Drink Mix , and RRUNN Endurance Energy Gels. I have noticed a big difference in y training and ability to come back day-after-day since using these products, more than ever before and I am thankful I have their support this year.Use “ DANI15 for 15% off all products at Unived.us.